Help for animals in war-torn Ukraine

We are collecting donations for dogs and cats in and from Ukraine

In Ukraine, people and animals are in mortal danger right now. Common solidarity and the right help are more important than ever.

Together with animal welfare workers, partners and committed people, we collect food and monetary donations for animal welfare associations in and around Ukraine who are caring for dogs and cats in danger.

Your donation can feed 40 dogs and cats for one week.
Die Futterspenden dieser Aktion werden gerecht unter allen teilnehmenden Vereinen aufgeteilt.
Ein Napf macht einen Hund einen Tag lang satt.

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Your donation is sure to reach the animals

Thanks to the donations we have received, we have already helped these animals and others.

VETO is Europe’s voice for animal welfare

Together with animal welfare associations, committed people and reputable partners, VETO advocates for animals to be cared for as they should be and for the protection of dogs and cats.

With unique fundraising campaigns, VETO provides regular support for the care of tens of thousands of stray and shelter animals. VETO initiates petitions and information campaigns to further advance animal welfare in Europe.



Donating animal food: secure and transparent

VETO is a charitable organisation and works with 500 certified animal welfare associations in 15 European countries. Every donation is meticulously documented. This ensures that donated food gets to the animals – guaranteed.


Big impact for dogs and cats in Europe

With our tireless efforts, VETO provides reliable, transparent and effective animal welfare.

In 2020, we delivered more than 2.8 million kilograms of food and gave €250,000 of financial aid. VETO’s animal welfare work pursues one overarching goal: no stray or shelter animal in Europe should suffer from hunger.


Here’s what your donation will do for dogs and cats in Ukraine:

Food for animals from Ukraine

We collect food donations and send them to animal shelters looking after animals from war-torn Ukraine.


Help for refugees’ pets

Dogs and cats brought to the border by refugees are given essentials there and then.


Hope for animal welfare workers

Countless numbers of people are fleeing the war. But animal welfare workers are holding out to look after their animals. The donations help them do their work.


Let’s do something for the dogs and cats in and from Ukraine. With your donation, you will help animals and animal welfare workers in shelters and in border regions. You will be providing valuable assistance and supporting their vital work in animal welfare.

Do you have any questions?

You will find the most common answers in our FAQs.

  • About VETO
    Who is VETO?
    VETO is the association of european animal welfare organisations. In collaboration with animal welfare organisations, dedicated people and renowned partners we advocate species-appropriate keeping and the protection of dogs and cats. With our fund-raising campaigns we ensure the supply with food of ten thousands of street and shelter animals. Our goal is to strengthen the social responsibility for animals, end the misery of homeless dogs and cats in Europe and contribute to the restoration of the natural balance.

    Where can I get more information about VETO?
    Most of our information about VETO and our current help for animals in and from Ukraine are only available in German right now. You can visit our German page here:
    Visit our German page

  • Donations
    Can I have a donation receipt?
    Yes, you can download a donation receipt for every donation on our website - but only in German. Follow the link below. Enter the email address you used to make your donation, click on the link in the confirmation email and you will be taken to the donation overview. In the overview, click on the donation for which you would like to receive a donation receipt and go to "weiter zur Adresseingabe". Then, enter your address and click on "Spendenquittung anfordern". Within a few minutes, you will receive your donation receipt by email and as a download.
    Get your donation receipt

    Do I have to register to donate?
    No, you only need to enter your first and last name and your email address to donate.

    Do you also accept donations in kind such as bowls, bags of dog and cat food etc. ?
    No, this is not possible for logistical reasons. Only by handling the transport of donations via a central warehouse and using well-rehearsed processes can the efficient delivery of donations be guaranteed. It is not possible to guarantee the receipt, sorting, checking and loading of private donations in kind.

    Which payment options are available?
    The options are: PayPal and credit card.

    Are donations tax deductable?
    Please get in contact with the responsible finance department in your country or city to clarify if donations are tax deductable.

  • Transparency
    What are the administrative costs at VETO?
    This year, our administrative costs will be below 20%. It is important to us that every donation is used for maximum effect. That is why we aim to reduce administrative costs to below 10% in the long term. In future, you will be able to see the exact amount of our administrative costs in our annual report, which we publish on our website at the beginning of each year. All donation income and expenses will be disclosed there.

    What will my donation be used for?
    Your donation enables the supply of food for animals in and from Ukraine. We deliver food to shelters and animal welfare workers in neighbouring countries / border countries and try to bring food to Ukraine as soon as possible.

    Are food donations currently arriving in Ukraine?
    At present, it is difficult and dangerous to deliver food directly to Ukraine. The situation is still very unclear, there is no planning certainty regarding aid corridors for food and humanitarian aid. Transports into the interior of the country are therefore subject to a very high risk. At the borders, the waiting time to enter the country is very long and only possible under certain conditions. So far, donations are increasingly being delivered to helping animal welfare organisations in the border regions that have taken in animals from Ukraine. Through cooperation with numerous animal welfare organisations, we have managed to get food directly to Ukraine and are still in the process of helping more in Ukraine.

    Which impact does VETO have regarding Ukraine?
    VETO is in contact with numerous animal welfare organisations and supports different animal welfarists and associations that are currently helping animals in and from Ukraine. We already supplied different shelters in neighbouring countries with food and financial aid to treat injured animals, enable transportation, vaccinations and other necessities.

    How do I know you‘re not scammers?
    VETO is a German non profit organisation, founded in 2016. We are supporting over 500 animal welfare organisations that are helping strays and animals in shelters all over Europe ever since. In 2020 alone, we delivered more than 2.8 million kilograms of dog and cat food and provided 250.000 Euros of financial aid. Currently VETO is in contact with numerous animal welfare organisations and supports different animal welfarists and associations that are helping animals in and from Ukraine in this worrying times. We already supplied different shelters in neighbouring countries with food and financial aid to treat injured animals, enable transportation, vaccinations and other necessities. You can find pictures on this website.

  • Ukraine
    Are Ukrainians able to flee the country with their pets?
    If possible, pet owners take their pets with them when they flee. In Ukraines neighbouring countries, many people have already arrived with their dogs and cats and are finding refuge with private individuals or in official shelters that allow animals. Some animal shelters also offer their help and take in pets temporarily. However, fleeing with animals is also associated with some challenges and can fail due to a lack of transport, entry regulations or the like. The people in Ukraine are in an absolutely exceptional situation. It is therefore all the more important that over time more and more offers of help for people and animals have emerged.

    Are dogs and cats allowed to be taken across the border without papers?
    On the instructions of the EU Commission, many countries have temporarily relaxed the entry requirements for people with pets from Ukraine. Animals without papers or proof of vaccination are therefore currently allowed to enter the EU without having to apply for a permit first. In some countries, all that is required is to fill out a document upon entry or to contact the veterinary office.

    What are the entry requirements for pets from Ukraine?
    Normally, a valid rabies vaccination, microchip and identification papers are required, but currently these regulations have been temporarily adjusted. We have summarised the current entry requirements for pets into the EU and regularly add the latest developments. (only in German)
    See the overview

    What happens with shelters in Ukraine?
    The situation in the animal shelters varies greatly and changes daily. However, the contact persons from our network report partly dramatic conditions. Many animals are injured and frightened. At the beginning of the war, many animal welfare activists from neighbouring countries tried to catch abandoned strays from the border areas, and in some cases the animals could be evacuated. Some animal welfare workers stayed in the country or returned to continue caring for the animals left behind. Some were still able to buy food through monetary donations, but this is hardly possible now. Many shelters have been cut off from electricity and water supplies, and some have been destroyed by rockets or grenades.

    Are animals being evacuated from Ukraine?
    The situation varies greatly from region to region in Ukraine. In some places it is still possible to evacuate animals from shelters or abandoned homes – under certain circumstances. But there are also shelters where it is too dangerous at the moment.

    Can I help directly at the border?
    You shouldn’t do it on your own. Many people are very touched by the events in Ukraine and would do anything to help. To do so, they are also willing to drive themselves to border areas or across the border and help transport fleeing people and their animals. This desire is understandable, but uncoordinated actionism can make relief work more difficult. Aid organisations on the ground, such as the Red Cross, report congested roads due to private individuals driving independently to border areas. The situation on the ground is still very unclear. Therefore, it is not recommended to drive to border areas on one's own at the moment.

    Can I adopt dogs and cat from Ukraine?
    Even in a situation like this, animals should not be adopted hastily, as in the worst case it leads to more problems and puts a strain on animal welfare. Many animals from Ukraine are taken in by shelters in neighbouring countries. In order to help, it is better to place the animals that are already known from the respective shelters. The animals from Ukraine are often traumatised by the events of the war, so that it is not yet possible to place them in a normal household. Therefore, it makes more sense to place dogs or cats that have already been in the shelter and can be better assessed by the animal welfare workers. This creates space to care for the animals from Ukraine.

    Can I foster dogs or cats from Ukraine?
    Please contact your local animal shelter or animal welfare organisation to ask for the need of foster homes for dogs and cats.

    Can you help a specific animal welfarist or animal welfare organisation?
    Please send us an e-mail to [email protected] with the contact information, the location and in the best case also a German animal wefare organisation that collaborates with the specific person or association and we will try our best to help.